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Country: Perú

Region: San Martin

Province: Moyobamba

Altitude: 1100 -1750 masl

Varieties: Pache, Costa Rica 95, Catimor, Typica

Harvest: May - September

Process: Washed

Tasting notes: apple, citrus, nutty, plum 

The community action in the area has continued to be evidenced with the formation in 2016 of Associacion Agroexportadora de la Region San Martin. This was done in order to look for better quality of life for the farmers, by enabling them to share technical resources and improve the quality of the coffee they were producing. Formed with 413 farmers from 13 communities, the average plot size is 2.8 hectares. Through their cooperation with friends and families they have achieved ethical and environmental certifications as well as improving cup quality.

Cherries are picked and pulped at farm level here, being dried and delivered in parchment to Frontera’s dry-processing facility in Chiclayo where coffee from 27 different small scale co-ops is processed. The export department is based here as well as another quality control laboratory with well-trained staff.