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Country: El Salvador

Region: San Fernando, Chalatenango 

Producer: Barahona Family

Altitude: 1600 - 1700 masl

Varieties: Pacas

Harvest: May - September

Process: Honey

Tasting notes: mango, pineapple, peach, bold

A complex and beautifully bright coffee. On the break the cupper experiences delicate floral and slight citrus notes that reveal themselves as the coffee develops in the cup. A sweet citrus-like acidity makes the body of this coffee glisten with flavors of sweet mandarin, rich dark chocolate and caramel. The finish is filled with high notes of sweet fruits and bittersweet chocolate.


Daterra farms in the city of Patrocínio are the oldest coffee plantations in Brazilian Cerrado region, and it is amongst the best coffee producing areas in the country. Wind, sun and soil are exceptional for Arabica trees. The diverse altitudes and microclimates create conditions that will later surprise the palate with a large range of flavors from velvet-chocolaty to bright-flowery profiles.

Coffee connoisseurs and world barista champions often visit the farms, and work with Daterra to learn innovative processes for coffee cherries and creating new micro-lots of exceptional coffees