For us specialty coffee is a concept and a passion that requires strict attention to the finest details. Our roastery seeks coffees with complex and deep textures which enhance the fantastic flavors specific to their individual regions.


Coffee beans

Your order may be sent via e-mail at Sizes can vary in 250 g and 1 kg packages. 

In order to maintain the best taste balance, we work with separate profiles for espresso and filter coffees.





Pleasant, fruity and juicy coffee with the notes of orange blossom and caramell. From one of the most unique parts of Colombia.


Recommended recipe: short, black.

  10 db   1.850,- HUF

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Creamy, heavy bodied, balanced combination of the origins from Central- and South America. A perfect cdaystarter either with milk or plain black. 

Tasting notes of hazelnut, cocoa and honey.

  10 db   1.200,- HUF

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We provide introductory courses to specialty coffee which dives into the culture behind this art.


The course covers everything from A to Z with the following topcis:

- Coffee basics, history,
- Physiological effects: misbeliefs vs reality
- Differences between coffees
- Coffee tasting – cupping,
- Ways to filter coffee: different tools, different results, shapes, ratios, methods,
- Espresso: preparation and machine (what to do when it doesn’t taste like it should?)
- Milk and foam: latte art basics.


The course is also available in English language!


Please contact for further information at


The price of the course: 24.990 HUF/person

The fee must be payed personally in cash.



Here we assume the service and renovation of industrial coffee machines, and construction on the spot.



Starting 12 years ago with coffee commercialising and renovating unique coffee machines we did not have a clue of specialty coffee. But two years before we have met with the real deepness of this profession and we were amazed by the culture of if.

Its deepness, precision and that it brings something new every day kept us ont he path of enthusiasm. So we decided to take part in it, choosing one of the most important station in the coffee-way: the roasting. The way how the almost stonehard green coffee turns into that coffee, that makes incredible quality in the hand of baristas.

Soon it turned out that though a great online and wrote material is available about roasting, to do it alone is kind of impossible. So we spent the last two years with intensive learning, even in abroad, practicing hard from day to day, to get our work consistent in quality. Though this company was based on business purporses, today it is all to passion, that claims precision in every single movement.

You can find our roastery in the suburban of Budapest. If You are in the near, just drop us an e-mail, and visit us!

(PS. We like pouring coffee, one way or an other...) 

Impresso micro roastery



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